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International & local calls the way you always wanted, with tons of features included. No downloads, or adapters needed - PokeTALK makes your calling experience fun, free, and social - using your own phone!
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Enter any destination number and we'll connect your phone automatically! Absolutly no microphone, headsets or special adapters needed!
Send a text/SMS to our access number with the destination you want to call, and we'll call you back and connect you automatically!
Access your account from anywhere in the world by calling into our local access numbers and entering your PIN code.
Send an SMS to any mobile device around the world directly from your PokeTALK account. Including unique features like dynamic sender ID !
We'll give you free numbers in your country that will connect you to any international destination you choose!
Set up a time and date for an important call and PokeTALK will connect you on that date!
View insight into your calling habbits, with graphs and stats of how often you use your phone, and your favorite dialed destinations.
Leave a comment on any number in the world, and share favorite friends you like to call with facebook friends.
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News & Announcements
March 31stnew  - New desktop gadget for MacOS !
March 3rd - Now you can purchase PokeTALK credits in any 7-11 store!
Feb 9th - Check out our new desktop gadget for windows 7 and Vista
Dec 28th - New in the UK & Israel - Call internationally from your mobile for the cost of a local call!
Dec 10th Give your friends free PokeTALK calling credit!